Insurance Coverage

Your purchase of mBIOTA Elemental™ may be eligible for insurance coverage or reimbursement through your HSA/FSA. Review our helpful resources below for more information.

  • 1. Insurance Coverage/Reimbursement

    A prescription is NOT required to purchase mBIOTA Elemental™ as it is a medical food.

    If you prefer to seek proactive coverage of your purchase, we recommend contacting your insurance provider to request information on the documentation they require to apply for coverage of an enteral nutrition product.

    However, it is often easiest to appeal a claim with your provider after purchase, submitting the necessary documentation for reimbursement. Coverage options vary widely depending on your state, insurance provider, and reason for using mBIOTA Elemental™ diet.

    If a Letter of Medical Necessity is required, we have provided a sample below that you can provide to your health care provider for use.

  • 2. HSA/FSA Eligibility

    You may be able to use HSA/FSA funds to complete your purchase. We recommend attempting to checkout using your designated HSA/FSA card. If the transaction is declined, please proceed with an alternative form of payment. You will then need to submit a Letter of Medical Necessity from your health care provider along with your purchase receipt to request reimbursement from your HSA/FSA provider.

    Please note this is not a guarantee your request for reimbursement will be accepted as requirements vary based on HSA/FSA provider, reason for using mBIOTA Elemental™ diet, and the state in which you live.

Letter of Medical Necessity

Often a Letter of Medical Necessity from your health care provider will be necessary when seeking coverage or reimbursement of your purchase. Download our sample letter below to give to your health care provider to use for informational purposes.

Download Sample Letter

The sample letter provided above is for informational purposes only. mBIOTA Labs LLC makes no representation or warranty that insurance companies will provide coverage for mBIOTA Elemental™ Diet Powder if this sample letter is provided to insurance companies. Health plan requirements may vary. Please confirm specific information required by the health plan to ensure you are providing accurate and complete information.

mBIOTA Labs LLC does not provide medical advice and does not participate in the determination of what constitutes proper medical care for individual patients. It is the responsibility of the healthcare provider to evaluate the patient to determine the best treatment for the patient’s condition.

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